05 December 2012

Doing Nothing

Our American society is fast paced. Many people believe that they should always be on the go. In earlier years, meaning way back in the days, Sundays use to be sacred or a rest day. Many businesses would be closed. People would make Sunday dinner and then relax. Little work was ever done on this day. Nowadays, Sunday is just another day. When I was in school last year we had assignments due on Sunday and now that I am returning to school, classes start on Sunday. What happen to relaxing, resting, spending the day with family and not worrying about work or what needs to be done?

 I use to be one of those people. I always had to be doing something. I remember being in high school, coming home from school to just drop off my books (if I even did that), and then not returning until curfew. I could not just sit around and relax. It would drive me nuts!

My husband is the same way. He cannot just sit still. To this day Back in the day if I would make plans that kept us busy all weekend he would complain voice his opinion that we did not have any down time. So when I did not make plans on the weekend he would complain voice his opinion that he was bored. Ha Ha! So we needed balance.

I still continue to make plans or we do a majority of our errands on Saturday. Then come Sunday we do nothing.  I mean nothing.

We arrive home for church, put on comfy clothes, snack or make something simple to eat, watch football, and relax. We call this our Sabbath. My son seems to be okay with it. He tends to just go with the flow. My daughter, however, seems to struggle with it a little more. She likes to be on the go. She cannot stand just sitting around.  I have noticed that each week she seems to accept it more and more. I believe eventually our Sabbath will be a part of our children's life when they get older.

I look forward to Sunday's. Sunday's energize me for the upcoming week. I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever the week has to hold.

Even God took a rest day so why shouldn't we?

When is your Sabbath or rest day? If you do not have a rest day, do you feel you need to incorporate one into your schedule each week?

**Your rest day does not have to be Sunday. It can be any day of the week; whatever day works best for your family.

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