04 December 2012

Organizing My Time

In early October my husband and I opened our home to a family member and his family. The family lived with us for 45 days or so. It took adjustments for my family and their family. I tried to maintain our routine while this family was staying with us. Unfortunately, I allowed distractions and fell away from our schedules and routines.  After the family left and headed back to their home it was hard to get back into routine and Thanksgiving was approaching. 

I was beginning to feel very disorganized, lazy, cluttered, and I was failing my family. I started praying asking God to get me back on track. I knew what I needed to do but I needed His help.  I needed help getting a bedtime schedule in order for myself. Yes, myself. I was going to bed late and getting up around 0900. That is when I woke up, not when I got out of bed. By the time I did roll out of bed I felt half the day was gone and was at the point of "whatever." I needed Him to guide me. I needed Him to put me back on track.  I needed His motivation.

I prayed.

I prayed A LOT.

I was calling out to Him to help me.

I did not need anymore excuses. No more laziness. No more disorganization.

I needed Him.

A couple weeks ago I found a free e-book download on organizing my time. Of course I did not read it right away because at that time I was lazy not ready to change. Well, last week I finally decided to read it after hearing a friend talk highly about it on Facebook.  I am so glad I did! God showed me the areas where I was lacking. This past weekend I was able to start my menu planning again, organized the kids' lessons plans, reserved some library material needed for school, and planned my shopping trips. Yes, this may sound normal to some but if you saw how I was before, you would understand how BIG of a change this was.

One thing I needed to conquer was a bedtime and wake up time. I enjoy waking up before my family. It gives me quiet time to drink my coffee, read my Bible, and prayer time. Then when the family wakes I have started my day with His Word. The problem is I am not an early riser. Never have been. EVER. This is where I really needed His help.

I know today is only Tuesday, but I can tell the change in me not because it comes from me wanting to change, but because He is directing my change. He is helping me become a better mom, wife, and homemaker.

Oh, yesterday and today I have gotten up before the family. Big accomplishment? I think so :)

This Tuesday I am grateful for the changes God is placing in my life.

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