11 December 2012

Freshly Fallen Snow

I was starting to wonder if Wisconsin ever received snow. I do not know what it is with snow but I need it for the Christmas season. I cannot seem to get into the Christmas music, baking cookies, Christmas lights, wrapping presents, or even shopping. It just does not feel like Christmas without snow.  As a military family we have lived in places where they do not receive snow and that is when I realized I NEED the snow for the season.

I love watching it fall.

I love the large flakes as they make their way down to the ground. I especially love the Alaskan snow. The flakes in Alaska are so large and watching it fall with the backdrop of mountains is just breathtaking.

There is just something about it. However, I should add that I love the snow until about December 26. It can leave after that. I just need it for the Christmas season.

This past weekend it finally snowed here in Wisconsin. Many places up north received a lot of snow, but where I live we only received about six inches. It was wonderful waking up on Sunday morning and watching the snow fall. After church I came home, relaxed on the couch, watched football, and during that time I was able to see the fallen snow.

We are not suppose to receive any more snow until this weekend, so when I woke this morning and opened my curtains I was shocked to see snow falling. I always praise God for this beauty. The beauty of His work.

What I woke up to on Sunday morning. It is hard to see the snow falling.

Waking up to fresh fallen snow. It is hard to see the falling flakes but it is there :)

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  1. I love the snow as well... and miss it so much when we aren't home to enjoy it...



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