27 July 2010

Restaurants, Restaurants and More Restaurants

Where we live in Alaska we do not have many restaurants to choose from.  We do have mom and pop restaurants but not many of what the lower 48 has.  In reality, this really helps because we do not eat out as much but there are days where I wish I could just run to Arby's or Olive Garden or TGIFridays or Taco Johns or Chick fil a, okay I think you get it.  Since coming back to the lower I am so grateful for the many restaurants that the lower has.  The family and I are trying to spread out where we eat during these two weeks but it is hard.  I just want to run to every restaurant and eat.  So many choices, so little time.

When we arrived in Dayton we had to pick up our rental car and when we had gotten to the counter the first thing I asked was where was the nearest Chick fil a.  Within 20 minutes we were sitting down enjoying some sweet tea, cookies and cream milkshake and of course the chicken, yummy.  Oh how I have missed the many options the lower 48 has.

For more GratiTuesday jump on over to Heavenly Homemakers.

(Although I am ready to get home so we can stop eating out and eat a real home cooked meal.)

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