28 July 2010

YouVersion App

A few months back the hubby and I had switched cell phone carriers because our old provider does not have a store or even its own tower here in Alaska.  When we switched to AT&T, we decided that we would splurge and get the Iphone.  I am overall happy with the purchase but I am so excited about one of the apps that I found.  It is called YouVersion.  I know this app can be found on many other phones but I have never even heard of this app before.  I saw that is was a Bible for my phone and on top of that it had the Bible in 90 Day reading plan!

Having this app has really helped me to stay on track with my daily reading and I am so grateful that I am using it.  I know that I would probably fall behind without it.  After being here in Indiana for the last week or so it has come in handy.  We are staying in a hotel that is 25 minutes away from where my in-laws are staying and I am able to read about three chapters before I get to my in laws.  I am able to do my reading when I cannot have my Bible on hand.  The YouVersion app has really helped me when I do not have my Bible on hand with me. 

This works for me!

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  1. Here's the link to the app: http://www.youversion.com/mobile/iphone




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