05 July 2010

And It Begins

I hope everyone had a blessed Fourth of July weekend and were able to have a lot of rest.  We had a great weekend and will write about it later today.  Right now I would like to talk about the challenge that 375 people and I signed up for and that was to read the Bible in 90 days. 

I know many people may not agree with this challenge because they say that we cannot have time to meditate on God's Word and to truly understand what we are reading.  I agree.  I, however, am participating in this challenge for a personal goal.  I want to see all of God's Word because I always seem to read the books.  I want to see more! I have always wanted to read the Bible from cover to cover and I have always failed.  So when I heard about this challenge last year I was praying that another would start and thankfully it did.  I instantly raised my hand to sign up.  The best part is Amy over Moms Toolbox has everyone who is involved to check in every Monday for accountability; even if we are not where we are suppose to be in our reading we are still to check in.  I need that, I need accountability.  Also, throughout the challenge Amy will be hosting Twitter parties to discuss what we have been reading (use the hashtag #B90Days) or if we have questions on what we were reading.  If this is something you would like to do please head over to Moms Toolbox to "officially" sign up. 

Will you join us? We would love to have you!

For more information on the Bible in 90 Days Challenge jump on over to Moms Toolbox.

Happy Reading and God Bless!


  1. I am really excited too...and I totally feel like I am already getting a lot out of it (I am a bit ahead of schedule)

  2. ok, Amy, I think I found the spot to leave a comment. thanks for your quick response to my questions. I did my reading this morning! I am excited and nervous. Excited to accomplish this goal 3 months from now and nervous that I will fail, I am ok with failure but I really don't want to disappoint my lord and savior. I am Kristi a 41yo wife of 15 yrs to my best friend Dan. We have 4 wonderful children. Caleb is 10; Ellen is 8, Ben is 4 and Lydia is 2! I am a stay at home wife and a marriage counselor and I do both homeschool and traditional schooling with my kids at various times. I am also very active in changing the laws in the state of Alabama so that midwives are a legal option for families that choose homebirth. thanks for the support and for everyone taking this journey together. kristi

  3. I started a bit early...July 1st...I am loving it!



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