10 June 2010

The World Around Us

Last Saturday night my family and I went to an arena football game with some of our closest friends.  We had a really great time; the kids were playing, the adults were cheering, and we were enjoying a nice night out with each other.  However, I was really upset and disappointed with the visiting team.  I was so upset that I was about to be that woman who was going to walk up to one of the players' and say "do you kiss your momma with that mouth?"  I will not go in to much detail but let's just say that we were in the top level of the arena (which is not huge) and we could all hear the words coming out of this man's mouth.  This same man was also arguing with the fans sitting around his team box and may I add children were around.  That is what really got me fired up.

Why is it that our world has become so desensitized that many people feel that they can try to desensitized others?  In my house we do not swear, but my children have heard the words in other places and I have made sure to let them know they are not nice words to say.  I have taught my children about modesty, and my daughter had pointed out that the cheerleaders at this football game were not modest at all, and their dancing was not appropriate. 

I know as a parent I cannot stop everything that my children hear or see but I know that I can talk to them about it ahead of time or when something occurs.  I pray all the time that they will be the Proverbs 22:6 child;
"Train a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it."  I pray that our teachings will stay with our children so when they are older they will then teach their children.  I do not want my children growing up thinking that just because society says it is okay does not mean it is.  My hubby and I pray that they will look to the scriptures for their answers not society. 

I pray that my hubby and I are showing our children the best way to handle situations.  I am not saying we always do the best thing but we try as hard as we can and we pray about the situation and ask for guidance.  We try to hold our tongues before we speak; James 1:19-20 says "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry, for mans anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires." 

All I can do as a Christian woman and mother is pray for those who are walking lost.  Will you pray also?  I know that I am one person and cannot change the world but God can.  I know that not everyone is going to get along or have things in common but that does not mean we can not put our differences aside be polite and say just hello.  Our children are watching; what are they learning from us?

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