09 June 2010

Safety Kit

The weather here in Alaska has gotten beautiful out; it has reached 80 degrees and lately it has been raining (which is needed).  We have experienced some thunderstorms but they arrive pretty fast and leave just the same.  The other night my little man heard a storm was coming and wanted to prepare for it.  I had not really noticed because I was in the process of cleaning the kitchen after dinner but when we sat down to play a game I noticed that he had a backpack on. 

Here is our conversation:

ME: "Bubbe why do you have that backpack on?"
LITTLE MAN: "Because Mom there is a storm coming."
ME: "I know but why are you wearing that backpack? Don't you want to take it off while we play?"
LITTLE MAN: "NOOOOOOO it is my safety kit for the storm!!!"
ME: *chuckling with tears* "Great thinking son"

*** "THE SAFETY KIT" ***

In his backpack he had a bandanna, some wooden blocks, some cowboy dress up items and a couple small flashlights.  I guess these are very important to a five year old boy when a storm is coming. 

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