17 June 2010

Snacks on the Go

One thing that I learned quick as a mom was to always have snacks and drinks stashed away in my car. Now that the kids are older and do not need a diaper bag I tend to forget to grab snacks for them.  Or it would never fail that my children would be "staaaaarving" when we entered or left a store.  So instead of purchasing snacks at the store I would just open up the back of my truck and grab some snacks.  Of course this works great during the summer but here in Alaska I have to be careful during the winter months. 

Some snacks that are easy to store are:

Peanut butter crackers
cheese crackers
bags of chips
granola bars (ones that do have items that can melt such as chocolate chips)
animal crackers
juice boxes

These are just to name a few.  Of course depending on where you live some of these items may not work for you.  One important thing to remember is when you start getting low on your supply do not forget to re-stock. 

Do you keep snacks and drinks in your car?  What snacks do you have?

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1 comment:

  1. Great ideas!

    I had to laugh though 'cause here in the South, the opposite is true. No need to worry during the winter, but you'd better be careful about what you leave in the car over the summer. Of course, the heat makes it even more vital to always have water handy. Another favorite is nuts and dried fruit. In the winter, these protein bars make a nourishing and delicious snack.



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