29 June 2010

Quiet Time with Her

Looking back over our trip to Denali this past weekend one thing keeps coming back and that is the quiet time I had with my daughter.  My daughter and I were able to sit down by the river and just talk.  While at home we have our "mommy/daughter" talks but this one was different.  We were able to sit by the water, marvel in God's beauty and just talk.  No worries of what has to be done, or what has not been done but being able to sit together and talk. 

My quiet time with my daughter is very precious to me; it is something that I will treasure forever.  During our moments together I try to plant seeds, and try to teach her about God's grace and mercy.  I try to show her the fruit of the Spirit, and to show her how much I love her.  I only have one chance to raise her, and I will use every minute that I can to teach her about Him. 

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