28 June 2010

Marriage Retreat in Denali

My family and I had a wonderful time this past weekend at Denali National Park.  The hubby and I had signed up to go on a marriage retreat that was being sponsored by one of the units here at Fort Wainwright.  We were blessed with beautiful weather, met some wonderful people, shared some great quality family time, and I was able to see my first moose. 

The hubby and I have a great marriage and even though we are dealing with some finances overall our love for each other over shadow all that.  However, we still learned some new things that we have already starting incorporating into our everyday life.  Just because we have a great marriage does not mean that we cannot learn some new communication tools. 

We arrived Thursday afternoon and had an introduction session for a couple of hours.  We then had a great buffet for dinner (the food served was oh my gosh so good).  After dinner we had a couple of hours of family time and we decided that we would head to the Nenana River which was right outside our hotel room.  That is when I saw my first moose (up close) and her baby. 

The four of us really enjoyed our time down by the river.  We walked along the shore, threw rocks in the water and marveled over God's beauty.

On Friday, we had morning sessions, and then the afternoon was open for family time.  We decided to head into town and explore.  We were able to see Mount Healey, pick up some souvenirs (four t-shirts, and two stuffed teddy bears for $8), enjoy some good tasting ice cream, and then lil man's allergies were really getting to him.  We decided to head back to the hotel after having no luck of finding allergy medicine for kids.  For the rest of Friday evening we just hung out down by the river. 

On Saturday, the weather was raining and this was also our last day at the hotel.  After a morning session in our conference; we had enjoyed our last meal, and started back home.  The hubby, kids, and I stopped by the National Park for a quick photo op but decided not to travel to Mount McKinley because of the weather and plus it took about three to four hours to actually enjoy that visit.  So, it just gives us another reason to visit. 

**I will be posting more pictures of our trip throughout the week**

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