24 March 2010

"Trip Across the Nation" Part 2

If you have missed the introduction and part one please click here and here.

My son, of course, had no idea where Alaska was but my daughter did, and I could see her starting to put some pieces together.  I was wondering how long it was going to be before she really started asking questions.  My son asked "mom where is Alaska?"  I tried explaining to him where it was and how far away it was from Maryland.  My son being four at the time obivsouly could not fathom the huge change that was about to take place in his life six months later.  My daughter did.  Kaitlyn was quiet the entire 35 minute drive home.  She asked no questions, commented on nothing, and would only give me one word answer if I asked her a question.  I decided that right now I would let her take in what she just heard, and try to sort it all out, and that the hubby and I would sit down with the blessings that evening.

That evening when my hubby arrived home from his second job, my son ran to him and said "Daddy, daddy we are moving to Alaska!!!"  My hubby replies "NO way; where is Alaska?" My son says "all the way across the country!!" (Again no concept on how big that country is.)  We sat the blessings down in front of the computer and we all started to research Alaska. 

We found websites explaining the Northern Lights, Denali National Park, tourist attractions, the weather, and the animals that called Alaska home.  Kaitlyn and Kolton were so amazed on what Alaska held that the questions were coming at us a mile a minute...."will it really reach 50 below" "will a moose be in our backyard" "will a bear eat us" "can we go see Mt McKinley" "will we live in an igloo" "can we go hunting" "will the animals get Manning (our dog)" and "will we ever have summer?"  We spent about three hours that evening trying to answer their innocent questions.  I was expecting my daughter to ask her questions that I knew she had, but to my surprise they did not come.

The next few days the blessings were telling all of our friends of our upcoming move.  The hubby and I decided that we needed to sit Kaitlyn and Kolton down to explain the changes that would be happening in their lives. 

And that is when we found out our daughters feeling on this new change in her life.....

To be continued.....

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