05 March 2010

"Trip Across the Nation and Then Some"

As many of you know, my dear hubby of mine is Active Duty Army (a true hero in my eyes), and he has been for about 16 years.  During this series "Trip Across the Nation and Then Some" I wanted to share with you every thing God had done for us during our LOOOOONG move this past fall.  So here is the introduction:

Many people may not know how the military works so I would like to take a moment to try and explain it from the Army standpoint (because I know more about it ;).  Like all branches of the military it is made up of enlisted or officer personnel.  Each person has a thing called a MOS (military occopational specialties), for example an 11Bravo is an infantryman or a 77Foxtrot is a fuel handler specialist.  This is their job that they work for in the Army.  Each job can take you to so many places across the nation or the world, and each job is important. 

After you join the military and complete all required schooling you will then be given a duty assignment.  You are able to request certain stations but of course it depends on where the Army needs you.  Most duty stations you are required to stay for three years, and then you are to PCS (permanent change of station or otherwise known as move), but I have heard of stateside soldiers staying longer than three years.  Also, did you know that Hawaii and Alaska are considered oversea assignments??? 
Sometimes you are able to call your branch manager, or the person in charge of assignments in your MOS, to see if there are any assignments available for you.  There are requirements, and it is not guaranteed that you will receive the assignment you requested.  This is my favorite part, but yet nerve racking part.  Favorite because not knowing what the assignment choices are, and nerve racking because of not knowing what the assignment choices are!

If you are accepted for the assignment you chose, then you will wait on your PCS orders (these state that you are moving to a new duty station, and these are very important!).  Once you receive your orders, you are able to start clearing your old duty station and start preparing for your new station. 

Sometimes it can be very stressful and sometimes everything falls into place.  When we left England it started to become stressful but when we moved from Maryland it all fell into place (trust me when I say though that Maryland was stressful but we did not allow the stress to affect us).  Thanks be to God!

So that is the Army in a nutshell in regards to our duty assignments....I hope I explained well, if not please feel free to email if you have questions.

Please look for the next part to "Trip Across the Nation and Then Some"

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