07 March 2010

Menu Monday March 8th-12th

I have to admit I have not made a menu for a couple of weeks, and I have to admit I have not followed my menus for awhile. I like to believe the saying..."Its the thought that counts" ;)

We have been very busy around here, and it is hard to follow a menu let alone make a dinner.  I really wish I would of done OAMC (Once a Month Cooking) that LifeAsMom and MoneySavingMom were hosting this past week.  Since I am admitting my flaws, I would also like to admit that my son has had "breakner" (breakfast for dinner) to much this week!  However, my children have this week off from their soccer practices and games that I should be able to make dinner almost every night this week!!!! 

I still have to run to the commissary this week and I am trying to make it there tomorrow.  I am out of eggs so that cuts out a lot of breakfast options so it will be simple tomorrow for breakfast.

                smoothies & apples
                enchiladas (hoping to take pictures...very easy recipe)
Tuesday~cereal (I know two days in a row, but we have an early commitment)
                 lunch at friends house
                 spaghetti with garlic bread
                     grilled turkey and cheese with pineapples
                     homemade pizza
Thursday~ snicker doodle coffee cake
                   lunch at friends house
                   homemade chicken nuggets
              leftovers (will be out doing Girl Scouts booth sale)

We have a pretty easy week and I am looking forward to it.  Instead of seven days a week we only have four days of activities; it should be relaxing.

For more menu ideas jump on over to Org Junkie

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