08 March 2010

A Moment Etched In My Mind Forever

Just recently the hubby and I went on a date.  We have wonderful friends who watched our two blessings while we had an opportunity to see MercyMe in concert.  Now this wasn't just some regular old concert; you know the ones where you are like a mile away from the concert itself.  This concert actually took place at the church we attend.  So there was no balcony seating, no nosebleed seats, but seats that were close enough that the concert had an "intimate" feel to it. 

When we heard that MercyMe was coming to Fairbanks (which we are still in shock because we didn't think anyone comes to Fairbanks) we decided that we would purchase tickets.  At first we had just purchased General Admission tickets but then we heard they had meet and greet tickets.  After about two seconds of discussion we decided to splurge and upgrade our tickets, and I am so glad we did.

Yes, these are my feet touching the stage.  I am not stretching, but actually my knees were bent.  Out of 1,100 seats we were able to get center stage front row seating!  I was so happy and excited to see MercyMe, that I cannot even explain my emotions.  They have many songs, and have won many awards but some of their songs have a special meaning to me.  Their song "I Can Only Imagine" was the first Christian song that I learned, and I LOVE it.  If you have not heard of this song it basically talks about what we would do when we meet "The Son", it is an emotional song.  Another song that has a HUGE impact on my life is "God With Us".  I will be coming up on my one year anniversary of my water baptism, and "God With Us" had a huge part to do with that, well besides God of course ;)

The day of my baptism all I listened to was this song.  Really...ALL DAY!!! I remember being at the gym and running on the treadmill and listening to this song.  At one point I had to stop and really take a moment to control my emotions.  I was so overwhelmed that I was about to lose it at the gym.  Could you imagine what people would have been thinking?  This song on that day was like my "Rocky" moment.  You know the whole "Eye of the Tiger" moment when Rocky was training??  Anyways, "God With Us" was my "Rocky" moment.  Trust me I was running like there was no tomorrow that day.  There is a part in the song, that to this day makes me tear up, and I remember why I am a soldier in God's Army. 

Lyrics from MercyMe "God With Us"

"My heart sings a brand new song,
my debt is paid and these chains are gone
God With Us"

That paragraph alone speaks so many words.  I remember the day of my baptism, coming up, and out of the water thinking, "my debt is paid, and my chains are gone".  The strongholds that I had in my life at that moment were gone.  The chains that were weighing me down and keeping me from Him were gone.  I had given my life to Him, just as He had asked of me.  I cannot tell you the feeling I had coming out of that water but I know the lyrics from MercyMe were playing in my head.  To this day, I can still feel the chains being released and being left in the bottom of the baptism tank.  To this day "my heart sings a brand new song".

                                                 ***The hubby and I with MercyMe***

I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to "God With Us" and remember that special day that changed my entire life.  BUT to actually hear "God With Us" live, and to hear MercyMe sing the song that changed my entire life, was truly a blessing from God.  A moment that will be etched in my mind forever.

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