21 March 2010

Menu Monday March 22nd-26th

Last week I had done pretty good with sticking with my menu.  On Wednesday we were suppose to have chicken fried rice but it did not turn out right, so it was a breakner kind of night!  The kids seemed to enjoy that more anyways, and probably so did their mom ;) On Friday, the hubby was released from work early, so our menu for that night went out the window.  Not sure why, but it just did.
This week we are back at our usual schedule with Girl Scouts, soccer, ballet, and Tae Kwon Do.  I do have to admit I will be ready for our break from activities come mid-April when soccer is over. 

Here is what we will be having this week:

                noodles and fruit
                roast with lipton potatoes
                "Breakner" (this night is hard to have a good dinner, so I am staying simple on this night)
Wednesday~pancakes with smoothies
                      chicken tetrazzini
                  lunch at friends house
Friday~snickerdoodle cake (just made a pan today, and it is already gone! Very delicious!)
             homemade chicken nuggets
             spaghetti with garlic bread

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