25 March 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to the first post of "Thursday Thoughts".

I have decided that Thursday would be my day of random thoughts.  I seem to be writing more and more posts just out of random so why not just choose a day specifically for that? 

Lately, my daughter has been mentioning how much she would like to go back to Maryland.  When I ask her why, her response is "I don't know I just do".  So, I have been wondering why.  Why does she want to go back?  What is she missing?  How can I explain to her that God has put us here for a reason?   I try telling her all the time that we may not know the reason why we are here, but we need to pay attention because we may miss out on what God wants to show us.

 Although, with Kaitlyn constantly talking about Maryland it is making me wonder if God is trying to tell me something.  So, I am really listening to see if He is working through her to get to me.  To be honest, Maryland is not one of my top choices of places to retire but it may be to God.  Maybe God is preparing me for that by working through Kaitlyn.  Then again, my daughter could still be trying to deal with this move.  In Maryland, we lived in a great place and had awesome friends living only a house away or even a block or two away.  Here in Alaska, our friends live a few blocks away or many minutes away.

 I do pray that I can help her get through this challenging time in her life. 

What are your thoughts for today? Please feel free to leave a comment.

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