07 January 2010

talking about....pretty much nothing.....

So, today I could not get motivated.  I did not roll out of bed until 1030, and then laid on the couch until 1100.  Talk about lazy!!!  The thing is though I was in bed at 1130pm the night before, that is a huge step compared to what it has been.  I took my daughter to her first ballet class (she hasn't done it for a couple of years).  She loved it!!! We then headed to Fred Meyer's, how I love Freddies.  For my Midwest, and east coast readers, it is almost like a Target but better. 

First thing I did was bought myself coffee and the kids hot chocolate from Starbucks ( I used a gift card, so I did not go off of my Dave plan).  The kids and I walked around Freddies doing some price comparing and looking at the sales.  Well, I walked into the food section and there it was. 

The organic, all natural aisle....ahhhhhhh.  I felt so refreshed, and rejuvenated.  Let me explain, I am on the road to bringing organic and all natural into my families lifestyle.  I plan on using homemade cleaners, homemade laundry soap, whole foods, organic food and so on. 

Well, to get back to the story, I just love walking down those aisles, I don't know about you, but I feel somewhat healthy after going through it all.  I know call me crazy.  I saw soooooooooooo much stuff I wanted to buy but I refrained, and trust me one of those things was CEREAL but I didn't...I swear I didn't!!!  Instead, I bought Pirate's Booty, oh how my daughter and I love Pirate's Booty.  It is found by the snack and chips and it is just puffed rice and corn and it was the white cheddar flavor...yuuuuuuuummy.  Anyways, my daughter asked if we could buy it because we are doing our eating from the pantry challenge.  I said I was using my personal spending money for a treat.  She was then of course all for it, as I was too.

After walking down my aisles of rejuvenation (is that even a word???) I saw the gallons of organic milk.  See here at our commissary they do not sell the gallons, they only sell half gallons which is more expensive.  I decided that we are going back to our organic milk and I cannot wait until the 15th when I get to use my last $100 because I will be buying our gallons of organic milk. 

Yes, the price for one gallon of organic is equal to two gallons of regular milk. But to me it is worth it.  The benefit of not having the added hormones, and plus I think it tastes better. 

So that was most of my day.  Just felt like being random here and talking about absolutely nothing, and I think I accomplished that today ;)

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