06 January 2010

WFMW Backwards Edition

Each Wednesday there is a carnival hosted by We Are That Family, and that is called Works for Me Wednesday or also known as WFMW.  Each Wednesday I will post something that works for my family, or for myself.  However, this week it is WFMW Backwards Edition.
That means I get to ask you a question and you can help by answering my question.  So I shall begin:

We are participating in the Eating from the Pantry Challenge, and I need your help.  I have to plan next weeks menu, and I am now down to the bare minimum.  I am going to make a list of things we have to give you an idea of what I will using to plan this next weeks menu:

A lot of chicken
2 cans of black beans
a bag of white rice
packaged rice (will be using these up...more on that later)
2 extra large cans of tomato sauce (plan on spaghetti sauce & pizza sauce)
elbow noodles
rotini noodles
lunch meat

So that is the list.  I know it is not a lot but I already have some meal ideas for lunch and breakfast; I just need help with dinner.  I already have my menu done for this week so I am good until Sunday night.  I basically need some ideas until next Thursday.  So that is where you come in.  I need some ideas or recipes that I can use with these items to complete my menu.

 Do you have ideas or recipes that you could perhaps, help me with?????
If so, please leave me a comment or feel free to email me.

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  1. Do you have any other ingredients, or is this all you are working with? If you have cream of chicken, or mushroom, or nacho cheese soup, you could make chicken enchiladas. I mixed cream of chicken soup with cheese soup and added my cooked shredded chicken (1 lb) to that mixture, then filled tortillas, rolled them up, topped with cheese and baked it. It was good. :)

  2. I think rice and bean burritos would be good. If you have some tomato bullion that will season the rice a bit, too.

    Taco/torilla soup using chicken, rice, and beans, and some spices (assuming you have those and some chicken bullion).

    Chicken and buttered noodles. You could do several variations on this depending on what spices you have. If you have powdered ranch dressing, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and butter, that is really yummy (even better with some sour cream). You could put lemon pepper on the chicken one night, etc.

    Also, chicken with a side of beans.

    I have a rice-a-roni type recipe for chicken flavored rice; I don't have a photo up yet but I'll try to make it this week and get the link up for you. You can make it with rice and pasta or just rice; I have done both.

    Come see my site; it's all about pantry meals! We're participating in the challenge as well, as our income decreased in January. My husband's job has a variable income, so we're used to living from the pantry.

    We don't eat cold cereal anymore; I can buy a 25lb bag of oats for $7.50 and that will feed us for a long time (plus no one is hungry an hour later). We have lots of other cooked breakfasts as well.

  3. Thank you ladies! I do have spices, and I can make my own cream of mushroom or cream of chicken. I do not have the nacho cheese soup but I am sure if I don't add that it would still taste good. Thank you for the ideas and I plan on using some of them.

  4. What about a curry chicken using cream soup & spices? Sorry no recipe, I just wing it.

    You didn't mention what form the chicken is in, breast. legs etc...

    Chicken alfredo - simple to make your own sauce.

    Simple baked chicken with a pasta or rice side dish.

    Crockpot Sticky Chicken (check allrecipes.com) it is spicy not actually sticky :)

    I just did a freezer inventory and am trying to do the same thing - only I have a TON of meat to use up. I think I have 2 months worth!



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