04 January 2010

The Inspiration I Found Today....

When many people think of Alaska, somethings come to mind, such as snow, freezing cold, and the beauty it holds.  Well, at least that is what I thought before we moved here.  Trust me, the beauty that it holds is indescribable, one really has to witness the beauty for themselves. 

We have just recently moved to this majestic state back in September 2009 due to my husband being active-duty Army.  We drove from Maryland to Alaska, and it was one of those memories that will last a lifetime.  I am so blessed that God allowed us to enjoy our trip with no troubles, His hand was truly upon us. 

Well, since being here for the last three months I am suffering from insomnia.  One would think that with it getting dark at 3pm and then no light until 10am we would get some great sleep.  But that is not my case.  I am suffering from no sleep, and I was a little confused about that.  I know one of my closest friend that is here also is suffering the same problem. 

We have been told that some people either sleep to much or not enough.  How can you not sleep when it is always dark?  This is the answer we received: Our brain cannot adjust to not having enough light and it will not "shut off" at night when we need it to.  So instead of sleeping we are up all night, literally, trying to sleep.(This is not coming from a medical aspect, it is from people who have lived here for a few years).  Does that make sense?

Here is a typical day in my household:
I wake up around 9 or 10
The kids and I eat breakfast and then do school until around 2pm
I then do my housework,
Around 4 or 430 I start on dinner,
I then clean up the kitchen,
and spend time with my family,
The kids start getting ready for bed around 8pm,
they fall asleep around 9,
The hubby and I will then have our time,
and then it is off to bed,
and that is where it all begins.

I toss and turn and turn and toss. My mind is racing a mile a minute about what needs to be done, what I have done, and everything else going on in my life. I have been praying to God to help me in this area. To help me ease my mind at night, and to help me wake early in the morning.

I am lucky if I fall asleep by 1am.  There have been some nights or should I say mornings, that I am not falling asleep until 5am or 7am.  I then am up at 9 or 10 and ready for the day.  I actually get up and do the needs that are to be done that day, and I function just fine. 

I thought my friend and I were the only ones going through it until today.  One blog I follow is Passionate Homemaking and Lindsay deals with insomnia also.  Lindsay does not reside in Alaska but resides in Washington state.  In her post for today she talks about her issues with insomnia and how God has helped her along the way.  All I can say that it was very inspirational to me, and it really helped me grasp this hole insomnia thing. 

Her insomnia was not the inspirational part, trust me my heart went out to her because she has two young children.  The inspirational part was how God was helping her through it and how she leaned on Him for support. 

It shows me that I too can overcome this by really giving it all to God.

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  1. Have you ever heard of a light box or light therapy? I use one and find it very helpful. They are used to treat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) caused by too little sunlight also. Insomnia is part of that too along with depression and feeling rundown, just not feeling like yourself. There are light boxes and even alarm clocks. The alarm clocks help you fall to sleep by gradually getting darker and then wake more naturally by gradually getting brighter. Please check into this, I think it will help. One site to look at, but I'm sure there is more. http://www.consumer.philips.com/c/light-therapy/11625/cat/us/
    I'm pretty sure the one I have is called Apollo Suntouch.
    Good luck and keep me updated. :)
    Blessings, Caressa



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