04 January 2010

My goals for The Forever Neighbor

There is a great new website out called Savvy Blogging, and it is made up of five wonderful bloggers.  The website is there to help those, like me, who have recently started a blog or who are planning to start a blog.
 One of their most recent posts were in regards to goals.  Not just goals for our homes, or children but for our blogs.  I thought this was wonderful, considering I decided to start a blog so late at night, not knowing what it all entails running a blog: you can read about that here

Since I started this past week, I haven't really considered my goals for The Forever Neighbor, until now. 
Because I am still very new at this I have decided to plan goals for only the first six months of 2010. 

Right now my main goal for the first six months is to really learn about how to help my page. To be more specific I mean how does one choose a different background for her page??? I know you can change the colors but I want more options.  Also, how does one get that fancy writing???  How do you add the different themes or templates??? These are some things that I would like to apply to my blog by July 1st. 

I would like to expand my blog to more readers and try to help those that are looking for help in living a more frugal life or some other area.  I have some blogs now that I read daily and they have truly inspired me in many areas (if you are interested in the blogs I follow please click on my complete profile).  So I would like to pay it forward.  This is one goal that I will continue on no matter what...that is my goal for my entire blogging life!

As one can see I really kept my goals somewhat minimal.  However, by July 1, 2010 I plan on expanding a little more in my goals and looking back at the first six months to see how far I have come.  I believe that God will have His Hand upon this new season in my life and I cannot wait to see what He will be doing with it.

To see more about goals set by others please hop on over to Savvy Blogging.

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  1. Check out the cutest blog on the block website. It has free back grounds and sorts of things. It also will give you step by step instructions for how to apply it to your blog.



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