31 December 2009

Eating from the Pantry Challenge

LifeAsMom and MoneySavingMom are hosting the entire month of January to "Eating from the Pantry Challenge". It will consist of me looking in my pantry and freezers to determine what I can use. I will be making a list of meals that I can make with the items I have on hand.

I wasn't really prepared for this challenge, so my stockpile is quite low, and I mean low. I plan on doing the challenge for two weeks. When my two weeks is about over I will decide if I am going for another two weeks.  After looking at my stockpile, I have to grab some items that are not dairy or produce.  I have had my menu plan done for the next two weeks; I will then just grab the items I need to complete my meals.  I will be using my first $100 this week.  I was hoping to wait as long as I could but I can't do it.  The hubby has 24 hour duty on New Eve's Year and has requested Chicken Tetrazzini, (I am need of the ingredients to make it)  Also, I am going to the commissary today and it is technically still December!

My Goals:

1. Spend $100 for two weeks on dairy and produce. I usually spend $200 every paid period which is the 1st and 15th of every month.

2. Money that was saved will be put towards debt.

3. Find new recipes that will contain my pantry food.

4. Make all my bread and pizza dough from scratch.  My hubby just bought me a new breadmaker, so its time to put it to use!

So there we have it....Eating from the Pantry Challenge.  I will be updating my progress through out the month of Janurary. 

Are you participating? If so, what are your goals? Please feel free to respond in the comment section.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck! I'm not eating from the pantry this time. We aren't as stocked up as we used to be. I did however spend all morning yesterday making my own cookie mixes,muffin mixes, pancake mix, and coffee cake mix to help that early morning routine go smoother!!



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