17 April 2015

I Almost Stepped Away

The last couple of weeks I have felt led to get back into blogging. I stepped away feeling as if I should just be done completely. I would tell myself, “who is really reading your posts anyway” OR “there is no point in doing this blogging thing anyway because you are not equipped to blog” OR “look at some of these other blogs, you cannot even compare to them.” So I stepped away. I needed a break. During that break I realized one thing:

I need this blog. 

This blog is not where I sit behind a computer screen and pretend to be someone I am not. What I write is what I feel. It is my outlet. I express my struggles, concerns, love for Christ, love for my family, recipes, fitness, and just this journey of life that I am on. Some people may be interested and some may not. That is okay. 

Many things have changed within my life since I first started this blog a few years back. I have blogged about many of these changes but some have occurred since I stopped blogging. Some topics I once blogged about no longer exist in my life. Or some topics have changed in my life such as coupons and how I just do not bother anymore. That is a whole other blog post!

So as I begin blogging again you may see new topics and some little changes here on my little blog. One thing that will not change is my love for Christ. He will always be my main topic here on my little blog. 


  1. My blog has evolved too.

    1. I am excited to see! I am heading there now :)



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