17 November 2014

He Loves Them Too

Yesterday at church I had the privilege of listening to a married couple speak about their missionary work in Tanzania. Their motto was, “our journey begins where the road ends.” This lovely couple showed us a video documenting part of their travel. They had to cross rivers with crocodiles! They travel deep into the country where not many people travel too. There are many tribes that have never seen people outside of their own tribe and these people travel to these people to share the Gospel.

While traveling their vehicles would get stuck in mud or their vehicles could not even make it to certain areas because of the terrain. At one point in the video the missionaries and their team traveled by bicycle! Two hours by bicycle to a village and two hours back. The terrain was not the only struggles they faced. They had to deal with wildlife and the lack of good water. A gentleman in the video said they prayed their water filter worked because they ran out of water and had to use water from a river.

These people face so many obstacles to reach the people in these villages. Their heart is to tell them about Jesus. To tell them of the miracles He can do. To tell them about His love. How He loves them, the people of the villages. The people who have witch doctors. The people who have never seen a white person. The people who have never heard of this Jesus. The people He calls His children.

God has done many miracles for these missionaries. He has opened many doors for this couple to go out into the deepest areas of this country to show His love.

If God can reach people who are in the deepest darkest parts of the world then why do we feel He cannot reach us right where we are at?

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