13 March 2014


My best friend has started the Jamie Eason LiveFit trainer with me. Each day we text about the foods we are eating, the struggles, our workouts, and how sore we are from the workouts. We talk each other down from wanting to cave into our cravings and motivate each other to keep going. We hold each other accountable.

Not only do we hold each other accountable in our fitness journey but in other areas of our lives as well. No matter the situation we are in or the battle we are facing we know we have each other to help us through. When one of us is whining or complaining the other is there to say “suck it up buttercup and drive on.” Yes, sometimes we have to be that honest with one another. We do not sugarcoat. We are honest with one another because we love each other and care for each other. We know that the other person is not being rude or cruel. We know the person is saying that out of love. We are holding each other accountable.

Of course, our approach is important. We cannot just go to anyone who is whining or complaining and say those words to them. Everybody is different so our approach differs with each person.

My Wednesday night women’s group is the same way. We can help build each other up and in a loving way hold one another accountable. We know it is out of love and not just being callous. We can all use accountability in our lives.

If you need accountability in certain areas of your life find an accountability partner. Call, text, email, Facetime, or Skype to keep each other on track. Sometimes one of you will fall. It happens. Trust me I fall all the time. However, I know I have people around me who will lift out their hands and help me back up. Not knock me back down. They will hold me accountable for my actions and decisions. They will walk with me to keep me on track.

We all need accountability in our lives.

If you do not have someone you feel could hold you accountable then the best accountability partner in life is Him.

He will help.

Just trust Him and allow Him to guide you.

He is my main accountability partner and He has blessed me with other people in my life to keep me on track.

Trust Him.

He will help.

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