17 March 2014

Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer Week Three Complete

Please click here and here if you missed my updates for week one and two.
Week three of JamieEason’s LiveFit Trainer has been wonderful! I really enjoy this program because it makes me more comfortable in the gym and in my food choices. I worked out every morning for five days. This shocks me because I have always been the person who is ready to workout in the early afternoon. Not anymore! I have turned into an early morning workout person! Love it!

One area I needed to fix was how to keep my workout sheets organized. I thought I could just write all the workouts down in a notebook because a notebook would be easy to carry in the gym. Then I found I had a few of Jamie’s recipes that I enjoyed and wanted those with my workouts as well. Basically, I wanted all my JamieEason’s LiveFit information altogether. So I decided to make a binder. I have eight dividers in the binder and each divider is labeled. The first divider starts with phase one, then week one, week two, week three, week four, phase two, phase three, and recipes. When I move to phase two I will then move week one to week four behind the phase two divider. Behind the phase one divider I created a generic word document listing day one to day 28. Each day I complete, I check it off with the date. This absolutely fits my “checking things off the to-do list” personality! It also is a good visual to remind me how far I have come since I started the program.

The scale only moved 0.8 pounds this week and I AM OKAY with that. Seriously! Of course, I want to lose the pounds but I have noticed a difference in the way my clothes are fitting. When I first started going to the gym I was wearing my husband’s extra-large t-shirts because I was trying to hide behind the clothes and well I could not fit into my old workout clothes. The picture on the left is I am wearing my hubby’s shirt and the picture on the right is today.

This is a big non-scale victory for me for two reasons. First, I could not fit into this shirt since last June/July timeframe. Second, it is my favorite shirt.  Once I lose some more inches in my lower abs it will fit perfectly! I cannot wait!

This coming week is my last week in phase one! I am so excited to begin phase two! In phase two I start cardio, which surprisingly I miss. Never thought I would say that!

Next Monday I will be sharing my official pounds and inches lost during phase one!

Has anyone else done this program before? Would you like to start and join me? If so, click this link and it will help you get started.

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