09 October 2013

The Amish Store

When we found out hubby could lose some hours at work I begin to immediately review what areas we are overspending. Just like many other people we were overspending in the grocery area. I needed to see where in our grocery list we were overspending and fix it. I found the reason: snacks and convenience foods. I told myself, “time to stop being lazy and get to work.”

I have a close friend who is like “Susie homemaker” and I have turned to her for advice and to find her little “secrets.” Some things she was doing I already knew I needed to do such as baking more, but she was making a lot of items from scratch that I have always wanted to do. I have heard you could make homemade instant oatmeal, but being fearful in the kitchen I did not know where to start. Fortunately for me she did. When we were at her house canning applesauce last week she shared with me so many recipes and “tricks.”

As she was explaining to me about all the items she makes I asked her if buying the ingredients ever got to be too much. Her response (and a look of whaaaaat????) was she went to the Amish store for most of her baking and cooking supplies. I responded with “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?” I needed to go to this Amish store!

So my nice little Susie Homemaker took me to the Amish Store on Monday. The store is not that large but the supplies it had were fascinating. I did not even know what half the stuff was and had to ask my friend what I would use that product with. I ended up buying an eight pound bag of quick oats for $4, a six pound bag of unbleached flour for $2.10, and a six pound bag of whole wheat flour for $2.10 making my total $8.20! 
I will be heading back to the Amish store next week to stock up on some sugar and more flour!

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