24 October 2013

I Love You

I love you.

Three little words that have such a large meaning.

Three little words that is easy or difficult to say.

I love you.

These words are spoken a lot in our home. Ever since the hubby and I married we have always said “I love you” when we leave one another or when we end our conversations on the phone. We have spoken these three little words to our children many of times. Our children are now saying these three little words when they part from one another or part from us.

We have told our children how important it is to tell one another you love them because you are not sure if that will be your last time. Last November this occurred with my family. Last November was the last time I saw my nephew alive. The last words I had ever spoken to my nephew were, “have a safe drive and I love you.”

I love you.

Those were the last words I spoke to him. Three little words with a large meaning. When my nephew pulled away from our home he knew that he was loved. I thank God I had the opportunity to tell my nephew those three little words. Three months later we received the call our nephew had passed. I recall the last words I said to him, “have a safe drive and I love you.”

We are not sure when God will call us home. Our time together can change in an instant. I have heard many people who have lost ones and just wished they could have told them they loved them one last time or take back the words they said that caused hurt.

I love you.

Three little words that can change a relationship.

Is saying I love you difficult? If so, pray asking God to help you. Ask Him to put it on your heart and each time it comes to mind or placed on your heart tell the person, I love you. The more you say it, the easier it becomes. Eventually the three little words become more than just words.

Times occur when I tell others I love them but I receive no such words back. That is okay. It may be difficult for them to express those three words. At least I know that I have told them and they know that I love them.

I love you.

Three little words with so much meaning.

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  1. Yes, they have so much meaning - and too often, I take them for granted....



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