09 September 2013

A Week of Financial Blessings

This past year has definitely been difficult for us. One area that has been hit hard was our finances. Traveling for funerals, our bathroom flooded, caring for family members who lived with us, dentist bills, and all the other daily living expenses played a large role in our struggles. I began to wonder if we would ever recover.

I was tired of being broke. Every time we turned around it seemed like something needed to be fixed or we had to travel somewhere. I prayed asking for Him to help us with this because I did not know how much more we could take.

The hubby and I always tithe. No matter if that money could be used somewhere else, we tithed. Wholeheartedly. Cheerfully. Thankfully. We did as we were commanded. Praying He would bless us.

Each day I would pray asking Him to help us. He always provided. ALWAYS. Many people think that if you tithe you would receive an abundance of money given back to you. Sometimes you do, but sometimes He supplies just enough for you. Our needs were always met. No we did not have enough to splurge or travel, but our needs were met.

We learned to say no to people. That lesson was tough but it gets easy saying no. Try it. If you cannot afford a trip, or lunch out with friends, or a new outfit, you do not need it and you need to say no. It is hard but in the end you will reap the blessings. A lot of times the hubby and I would say yes to people because we did not want to offend the person, or we were prideful, or out of obligation. We began to realize all we were doing was sabotaging ourselves. We had to put our family first. Yes, people may get upset with us but we have to do what is best for our family.

This past week He has sent us blessings.

Financial blessings.

Notice blessings is plural.

I sat down and instantly figured out where the money was going. I showed it to hubby for his input. We set a goal of paying off 25% of our debt in one year. This number may seem small to some people, but it is large to us. We know if we continue to tithe and say no to things we cannot afford, we will meet exceed this goal. We have already crossed off one debt this weekend. We are praying to knock out another one by October 15th. Making small goals and reaching those goals will help us make it to our large goal of 25%, but in the end our overall goal is to be completely debt free.

If He is for us then who can be against us….

676. His financial blessings He sent us

677. A fully funded emergency fund

678. New friends

679. Watching little man’s first football game of the season

680. Hubby’s new civilian job

681. A weekend of fellowship with friends

682. God calling us to lead Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

683. Watching my son try to be like his hero; his dad

684. Our family prayer time

685. Paying off a credit card

Thank you Jesus for our blessings this past week and we thank You in advance for all that You have planned for us….

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