10 September 2013

We Cannot Teach This

Earlier in the year I attended a women’s conference. At this conference we learned about our spiritual gifts. At this same conference I felt God telling me that He wanted me to teach a class. Of course I was like “haha, oh God you are so funny!” Me teach a class? Not going to happen. I am literally terrified to speak in front of groups especially in front of people I do not know. I get all nervous and unexpected tears begin to flow. It is embarrassing. I threw a temper tantrum with God. Whining, pouting, and we cannot forget the “no, I am not doing this” comment.

He won.

I mentioned to my pastor that I felt led for my hubby and me to teach Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. My pastor’s response, “Great when do you want to do this?” Really? I guess part of me was hoping he would say no or find a way for me to get out of this. Nope. Did not happen.

I began the process of having my hubby and I become class coordinators. I felt the enemy coming at me. “You guys can’t do this. You are still in debt. You are a hypocrite.” The enemy had a point. How can we stand before others and teach about getting out of debt when we ourselves have debt.

I immediately told the gentleman from Dave Ramsey’s office that we had debt and we were not qualified to teach. I did tell him I felt led to teach. I was expecting this gentleman to tell me, “sorry, you have to be debt free to lead the classes.” I had my fingers crossed. Nope. His response was unexpected. He told me that it is great because now we will be held accountable and examples for our students.

Examples. Accountability.

Same thing Jesus did for us as He walked this earth. Jesus led by example and held those accountable for their actions. Just as He continues to do today.

How can I argue with that?

I did ask God, “how can we teach if we do not have baby step one complete or even close?”
“Lord, you know we have been trying to fund it but the other bills are arising and we are telling people no if we cannot afford things.” “How can we do this?”

Tonight is our first class.

I would be lying if I said I was not nervous or scared, but I feel excitement. God has called us to teach this class. If He called us to it, He will get us through it.

I cannot wait to see what He does during these next nine weeks!

Have you taken FPU before? Do you follow Dave’s plan?

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