04 September 2013

Our New School Schedule

This year begins our fifth year of homeschooling (WOW!) and each year I try to fix any “bugs” that were faced the year prior. One area that I always struggle with is our schedule. Not the daily schedule but figuring out the days off and when to take breaks. I always worry about meeting the law requirements and ensuring the blessings are actually learning. I am sure I am not alone in this area. This year I am trying something entirely new to us.

Normally we homeschool year-round but we have a lighter schedule during the summer months. I am not changing the year-round schedule. No, this year I am trying a three week on and one week off schedule. I have heard and read other blogs where the family has a similar schedule. I found some families that have a four week on and one week off or six weeks on and one week off schedule.

I thought that I would try to incorporate something similar in our homeschool. We completed our first three week session and now on our one week break. The blessings and I really enjoy this new schedule especially my son. He has a different learning style from my daughter and I and I think this will really help him during our three week schooling.

The nice part to this new schedule is any doctors, dentists, or other appointments I can schedule during our week off and it will not interfere with our school days. I have found I do not fret much about household projects that need to be done because I know I will have a week to complete the task. It’s the same when we have school. I do not fret about what needs to be done and can focus solely on homeschool.

What does your homeschool schedule look like? If your child attends school outside the home do you like the schedule who would you prefer another schedule?

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  1. We just go with the flow, school through most traditional breaks, and take days off when we need it. Somehow it all works out.



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