03 September 2013

An Easy Weekend

Over the Labor Day weekend I did not do anything. Absolutely nothing. My daughter spent half the weekend camping with her friend and little man spent the weekend playing with a neighbor kid. Hubby worked most of the weekend. I on the other hand spent the weekend at home catching up on things around the house. We had no schedule and nowhere to be.

I loved it.

Our schedule tends to be busy and the upcoming fall season is no different. Next week begins our busy schedule. We have something schedule for six out of the seven days. Did I mention it will be like that for about a month and a half? So I savored this past weekend.

The best part of this weekend was the family time we did have. Our family time was not all weekend but the time we were together was a blessing. I mean what beats a three hour game of monopoly with family?

This morning I realized how important it is to savor these moments. Children in our area and other areas started their first day of school this year. Time flies by. A friend of mine posted a side-by-side picture of her daughter on her first day of kindergarten and of her now starting her senior year of high school. Our time with our children is important.
Our time with our children flies by.

My little ones, well, they really are not little, are now in fourth and seventh grade. In two years my daughter will be starting high school and little man middle school. No matter how many times I tell them to stop growing up they continue to grow.

I am grateful for this past weekend.

Grateful for the time we spent together.

Grateful for each day spent with my ever growing blessings…..

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