28 January 2013

Please Lord Keep Me Healthy

This past week I had many battles I was facing. Battles within.  I could not figure out what was going on. No matter how much I tried, I was in a funk. I could not be happy or little things were bothering me. When I was happy it did not seem to last long. I could not figure out what was going on until Friday afternoon.
I did have blessings occurring all around me, but could only focus on the negative feelings I was having. I was going to a women’s conference that was focused on God. The enemy did not like that. So, he created a battle within me. The enemy would not win this one.

I woke up at 5a.m. on Friday morning feeling sick to my stomach.  I had my morning coffee and spent time in His Word. I completed my Bible study and then went to get ready for my women’s conference in Milwaukee. I could not shake this sick feeling I was having. The feeling was not nerves, it felt like flu symptoms. I was in constant prayer. Asking God to please keep me healthy. I did not miss my first women’s conference, but I also did not want to go and get the flu. I did not know what to do. If I am getting the flu I do not want to cause anyone else to get sick. What if I do not get the flu? I decided to take my chance. Before I left my home, my family prayed over me.
My drive to my church I was praying. “Please God do not let me get sick. I need to go. I NEED this Lord” My stomach is becoming even tighter and that feeling where your stomach feels like it is twisting. The feeling that someone is trying to wring your stomach. “Lord, no please, heal me Lord.”

I arrive at the church and continuing to pray. “Lord if I am going to get sick please allow it to happen before we are supposed to leave, so I can go home. Please Lord.” We pray for travelling mercies. My stomach is still the same. I continue to take my vitamin C drops and using hand sanitizer every now and then. We stop for lunch.
I eat lunch and pray that it will stay down. We arrive at the church where the conference is being held. I attend my workshop. We head to the hotel. I freshen up. We head to dinner. “Please Lord continue to heal me.” I eat dinner. We head to church. We begin praise and worship. My stomach is calm. No more pains. No more wringing stomach feeling. No more of anything. “Thank you Lord!!”

472. Attending the women's conference

473. Getting to know the other women in my church

474. Watching God heal the broken

475. God revealing His calling on my life

476. The women encouraging me to accept the spiritual gifts He has given me

477.  Blessing me with the money I needed to attend the trip

478.  The patience and controlling of my tongue when we dealt with a large overflow of a toilet that caused damaged.

479.  The $1,000 we had to pay for the deductible

480.  Hearing my children sing praise and worship from the other room

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