29 January 2013

The Enemy Came After Me But He Lost

On the last day of my women’s conference, one of the speakers told us that when we walk out the doors of the church, the enemy would attack each and every one of us. She was right. The enemy has been upon me since I woke up Sunday morning. It first began with my daughter. She bit into her waffle and half her tooth broke. She just went to the dentist a week ago and had a good report with no cavities and no issues. She has an appointment on Thursday to find out what the dentist says needs to be done. I prayed about the situation once my husband told me what happen. I gave it to Him. Then the enemy attacked us another way.

My two blessings and I are in the living room and my husband is taking his Sunday afternoon nap. I go to our bedroom and as I step in front of our main bathroom, my socks become soaked. Our toilet is overflowing! The bathroom floor probably has half an inch of water if not more. My husband and I begin to clean up the mess. I am praying. “Oh Lord, please help us.”
I tell my husband that I am going to the basement to find out if it has made it to our basement. As I get downstairs it looks like our basement ceiling is pouring down rain. Our downstairs bath has about the same amount of water on the floor like our upstairs bath. Water is raining down from the bathroom fan, a light fixture outside of the bathroom, the bathroom doorframe, the doorframe of our storage room is raining, the storage room floor has water flowing into it, and our carpets are soaked.

I cry out.
“Lord please no. We cannot step backwards when we have been doing so good going forward with our finances. Please Lord no.”

We are cleaning up the mess that the enemy has left us with. I just know he was laughing. I had something for him. I prayed. I kept my patience. I controlled my tongue. The enemy would not win. My husband calls our bank to put in a claim. The damage is too much. The carpets are too wet and mold will grow if we do not have someone come and take care of it all.
We are told that we need to pay a $1,000 for our deductible. My heart sinks. No. I do not want to give it up but I know it is an emergency. Then God says, “Daughter, I have prepared you for this. Trust me.”

My heart changes. I see the praise in all of this. “Thank you Lord for blessing us with the money. I cannot imagine what it would be like if you had not.”

Yes, our emergency fund has $0.29 in it, but He will fund it again just as quickly as He did before.
I trust in Him.

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  1. Wonderful. How amazing when we get to see God in the midst of our trials and painful circumstances. Looking forward to how he will provide for you again.



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