28 January 2013

Menu Plan for 28 Jan-3 Feb 2013

This week a friend and I are beginning to head to the gym for some workout time and some “mommy” time. We are going two days a week because of our schedules, but are planning to make it at least three times a week.  For our menu I wanted to make sure that the meals are easy because we will be at the gym during our dinnertime. I will prepare dinner before I go, so the hubby does not have to worry about making dinner when he gets home from work. Yes, such a good wife ;)

Monday~ pancakes
                 Stouffer's macaroni and cheese

Tuesday~ bagels
                  hot dogs and apples
                  baked ziti with rolls

Wednesday~ cereal
                       noodles and yogurt

Thursday~ eggs and toast
                    turkey and cheese sandwiches
                    grilled cheese and tater tots

Friday~ waffles
               monkey bread
               homemade pizza

Saturday~ smoothies
                   apple slices and peanut butter "sandwiches"
                   shake & bake pork chops with corn & roasted potatoes with bacon & cheese (new recipe)

Sunday~ cereal
                cheesy and broccoli chicken with noodles
                your choice    

What are you eating this week?

1 comment:

  1. If it is warm enough, y'all should try grilling the pizza.



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