10 July 2012

Early Rising

I have always wanted to be an early riser. I would love to get up every morning around 0500-0530 and embrace the start of a new day. I would love to go for a nice run. Then home to shower and afterwards sitting down with a cup of coffee, my Bible and reading my Father's Word. Listen to the birds chirp. Embracing the quietness of my home before others awake.  Oh the joy!

However, back to reality. I am not an early riser. Early to me is waking up before 0800.  Early morning run? Yeah not going to happen. A cup of coffee and Bible reading is pretty much the only thing that happens from the list above. Well, of course a shower too. Oh to be an early riser. I would love to have a couple of hours in the morning welcoming the new day. I have tried many times to make myself wake up early and begin this new journey of becoming an early riser. After about three days my alarm is thrown across the room. Not really but in my head it is thrown across the room and broken into a million pieces. I gently roll over, turn off the alarm, and sleep until my two blessings wake from their own slumber. Then I begin my day. A day where I feel nothing has gotten done and a day of chaos. Throughout the day I tell myself "if I would have just gotten up earlier I would not have these issues."

Well, things are changing around here. Just recently I have made the decision to train for my first 5K race. I have always wanted to be a runner and run in a 5K race or some type of running race. The 5K is in October so that gives me three months to prepare.  Well, in order to prepare I need to run. So, when can I get out on the pavement and run? I can always have the blessings ride their bike as I run, or I can run in the evening. But I cannot run in the evening because I walk with my neighbor. I could run with her but I run so slow that she would probably walk fast beside me. Then it hits me. Early morning.  Yes, I will get up and run when hubby wakes up for work. This way I am getting my run in AND becoming an early riser. I just love it when a plan comes into play.

Yesterday I did not get up early due to going to bed to late. I did get out and run yesterday. Of course I chose the worst time of day to run. 2pm. I will not be doing that again. I decided that running that time of day was my motivation to rise early. So, this morning I was up and out the door at 0520. What a difference that has made. Yesterday I had to stop three times whereas today I did not stop. Also, the neighborhood is quiet, which makes the run even more enjoyable. I could get use to this.

My morning has started off wonderful. I am at peace. My shower is complete (thank goodness). My Bible reading and prayers are done. My blog post for the day is about complete and my coffee will begin brewing shortly. Ahhhh I am ready for the day!

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