11 June 2012

Weekend Of Fun

On Friday afternoon I received a phone call from my sister.  As we were talking she mentioned how she was at her camper and her husband would not be arriving until the next day.  I said the kids and I should come up for the weekend because my hubby has to work seven days a week for 12-14 hour days for the next three weeks.  She agreed.  When we hung up it was around 4 p.m., she was three hours away.  I started running around to pack our items.  We left our house at 5:30 and arrived around 9.  My two blessing were so excited to see their cousin and their antie (Most people say Auntie but we say antie ;).  I was just excited as they were.  We put our blessings to bed late and my sister and I stayed up to about 5 a.m. YES! 5 A.M.!!! We were having so much fun playing Skip-Bo and reminiscing of our earlier years.  I sure love living so close to family again. 

Come Saturday, my sister and I were wiped out.  We were so tired, but we had a fun-filled day.  We joined my sister's friends on their pontoon and the blessings went swimming and my son went jet-skiing for the first time.  It was truly relaxing sitting on the pontoon and relaxing. 

Sunday we took the blessings to Hayward, Wisconsin, to a Wilderness Walk.  Of course my daughter went straight to the kittens.  She is in love with kittens and trying to convince us to allow her to have one.  Then it was off to a candy store and then back to the camper.  We originally were staying til today, but I was missing my hubby to much.  Since he has been back from Afghanistan we have been away from each other twice.  I do not like it.  So we left yesterday afternoon to head home. 

When we arrived home we were beat.  I was so tired. From the sun and the drive I felt like I had not sleep for days.  The blessings were tired but so excited to be home.  As was I.  Once we arrived home, I sat down and did not get back up til I went to bed. Oh I did run to the store to pick up my Sunday paper. Could not forget the paper.

We had a wonderful and cannot wait to go back. 


Lil man petting a baby skunk

Panning for gold

Princess found some gold

Lil man up close with a buck. He was super excited.

Princess with the kittens.
  Now back to reality.

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