08 June 2012


The hubby and I were trying to find ways to make extra money for our upcoming move.  We looked around our house and figured out that the best way to make money was to sell some of our items on Craigslist.  We looked at each piece of furniture, clothing, or outdoor equipment and asked if we NEEDED that item.  In one weekend we posted our bedroom suit, our trampoline, my husband's Iphone 4S, and a mismatched bedroom suit that was to big for our bedroom. 

My  husband's Iphone 4S sold within just 18 minutes of posting! We met the buyer at a local store because I am apprehensive about people coming to our home.  However, we needed other buyers to come to our house to pick up the other items. I figured since we were moving it was not a big deal.  So, within 24 hours we had all the items picked up and removed from our home.  After posting everything on Craigslist, within 24 hours we had made close to $1,200.  We were so thankful for the blessing that God had just blessed us with.  Of course we took 10 percent of that money to tithe and sent many praises to Him.

Just this past week my husband posted a washer and dryer that we had and that sold the same day! We use Craigslist as much as we can to earn some income.  The best part is Craigslist saves me money because I am not using gas to run the items to the Goodwill, and it is free to list our items.


  1. I love Craigslist! I also have 2 Yard Sale/Garage Sale pages for my county on Facebook! Glad to see your back in Blogger World! I enjoy keeping up with you and your family! :-)

  2. That's so amazing! Congrats and I hope the move goes well!



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