07 June 2012

Overcoming the Obstacles And Saying Goodbye To My Baby

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I told the hubby that I actually had peace about the thought of buying our first home.  Of course, I, being the realistic one, told him that we had two obstacles we had to deal with prior to even taking the first step into buying.  We just signed a year lease with our housing office on base.  Hubby said that we will not have a problem getting out of the lease because the contract between the military and the housing area was up come July 1st.  I did not want to take any chances. I asked him if he could call Monday morning to verify that we could get out of our lease with no issues.  We prayed the rest of the day and when we woke up. 

Monday morning I receive a phone call from the hubby stating that we will be released from our lease with no consequences.

The second obstacle was trading in our first "mortgage" payment.  Our 2012 Nissan Armada AKA "my baby." Yes, we knew that it was an expensive vehicle and we justified having the vehicle by calling it our "mortgage payment."  We knew that in order to get a loan to purchase our home we needed to trade in my baby.  So we did.  I will not lie, I was emotional.  I loved that vehicle.  My hubby surprised me with it as a birthday gift to me.  However, I knew that it was for a good reason.  I would rather have a house that will be an investment rather than a vehicle that loses its value each day.  We prayed asking God to please allow us to receive a certain amount on it.  We knew that we would be upside down on it, but prayed that it was not a large amount.  Hubby went to the dealership, told them our situation, and we were able to work a deal that we were comfortable with.  Our mortgage payment was cut in half.  A huge weight had been lifted off our shoulders.  We were feeling very blessed.

Saying good-bye to my baby. You are missed!

The hubby then went ahead and began the pre-approval process.  After a couple of hours on the phone with our bank, we were pre-approved! We could begin the actual house hunting process.  My favorite part! I knew that it could a difficult time trying to find the right house and one that met our expectations.  We were not going to settle. We would continue to look until we found the house that God wanted us to be in. 

Our bank, which is USAA, offers a program called "Movers Advantage Program" and if we went through the program we would have an USAA certified realtor, and could possibly qualify for a rebate bonus on the completion of purchasing our home.  We were set up with our realtor, whom we absolutely LOVE, and began house hunting.

We were shocked at the time it took to go house hunting.  The area we lived in is small so we did not know what we were going to do if we did not find the house that God called us to be in. 

I would not worry.  God has blessed us this far. I knew He had something in the works for us.  It was just the matter of His timing, not ours.

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