12 June 2012

Trusting Him When I Jump

As I was sitting on the dock this weekend, I was observing a father and a daughter interacting with each other.  The father was standing in the water at the edge of the dock, and the daughter was standing on the dock waiting to jump into his arms.  The daughter had no doubts that her daddy was going to catch her.  He would say jump, and she trusted that he was going to be there, so she would jump into his arms.  As I was watching I was beginning to think of my relationship with my Father.  How many times has God said "Jump my daughter, I am here."  Plenty of times.  Many times I will jump and other times I do not.  The times I listen to myself and do not jump usually end up in a bad way and I pray asking for His guidance.  No matter how many times I fail to listen, He is there waiting for me with open arms.  God has shown me many of times that He is with me and ready to catch me when I jump.  He will not let me fall as long as I trust Him.  He continues to show me that He is standing there with arms wide open waiting for me to jump.  A simple event of a daughter jumping off the dock into her father's arms was a way that God was showing me to trust.  I am so grateful that God had given me the opportunity to witness this simple event because it truly was a blessing to me.

As my husband is preparing for retirement, I am trusting in Him as we take this jump into a new lifestyle.  I do not know what His plans are for us.  We do not know what type of job my  husband will have when he gets out.  We do know that God is with us and is waiting to catch us when He says jump.  I am so grateful that I serve such a trusting and loving God. 

The next year will be interesting and we may encounter some struggles along the way.  However, we know that God is wanting us to leave the military and enter a new lifestyle.  All we have to do is trust that He will be there to catch us when we jump. 

"Trust in the Lord with all heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5-6

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