02 June 2012

Sacrifice Now To Enjoy More Later

When we want something in life we have to work very hard to get it, even if that means sacrifice.  I could make a list of everything I want right now.  Trust me it is a long list, but the key word in the earlier sentence is want.  Each of my "wants" is not a need.  My focus is knocking out this debt and finding new ways to save money or limit the amount of our spending.  Each little bit helps.

Yesterday I shared how I started freezing our fresh produce so we can use it in later meals.  After I wrote that post I went into the kitchen and grabbed the rest of our "about to be outdated produce" and prepared them for the freezer.  I cut up green onion, green pepper, and carrots.  Each will be used in a future meal or even perhaps on a veggie tray for an upcoming BBQ.  I then went on to prepare for an upcoming trip that we would be taking in the near future.  I baked up some muffins and some peanut butter cookies.  Along with those snacks I threw in some chips that we have left open and a couple packs of crackers.  As I was going into the fridge I was thinking, "hmmm, what should we do for drinks."  Then it hit me! I could re-use a milk jug and fill it with water.  So, lil man and I washed out the milk jug (many times) and filled it with water.  Then we filled up our water bottles with water and put them in the fridge so they will be cold and ready for the trip.

I decided that we would be eating breakfast at home and I would prepare sandwiches to eat on the drive.  Our dinner will be at a ceremony so that is covered.  Our next day meal will consist of breakfast at family's member home, leftover snacks for lunch, and I have already told the blessings that we would stop at our favorite fast food place for dinner.  They have done so good with not complaining about not spending money that we would splurge for our dinner.  After I told them this they both were coming up with ways to make the dinner frugal.  Love those two! 

Gas for the car has already been budgeted so I am hoping that we should not spend a lot of money.  I am shooting for no more than $40.00.  I have to continue to keep our focus on our end result: hubby retiring.  Working and sacrificing now will show the fruit of our labor.  Honestly, I am enjoying looking for new ways to save. 

What frugal saving tips do you have to save money?

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