01 June 2012

Fresh to Frozen

One thing that drives me nuts that my family and I do is waste food.  I cannot stand it! I am just as bad as everyone else in the family and even though it drives me nuts I still do it.  Crazy! I know I am throwing money away so I am better off just throwing real cash in the trash.  Now that we are paying more attention to our finances I am looking at our food and ways not to waste.  I realize that we waste a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables  I have every intention of eating or baking with the items before they go bad, but I never do.  I cannot tell you how many times I would buy a watermelon and never even cut it! I know, CRAZY!! 

Well, today I became smarter and wiser. I looked in our fruit door of our fridge and saw that we had some strawberries that were about to go bad if they were not used soon.  Instead of making the kids eat them today, I decided that I would freeze them.  I have smoothies on the menu for next week and decided to freeze the fresh strawberries to use in the smoothies.  I feel so smart and wise!

To freeze them I washed them, sliced them, and put them in a pan on waxed paper.  This way the strawberries are not one big frozen group.  They will now freeze separately, just in case I only need a few strawberries.  I then placed the pan in the freezer and now I wait.  Once the strawberries our completely frozen I will put them in a container and store them in the freezer.  If I had a freezer bag I would use that because it would save me room, but I do not have bags, so the container will do just fine. 
Ready for the freezer

Fresh to frozen works for about any type of fruit or vegetable.  Really it only takes a few minutes to prepare the item and toss it in the freezer.  So much better than just throwing the item in the trash.  By doing this process I am not wasting our food or the money that I spent on the items. 

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