03 June 2012

After Ten Years of Wanting It Could Acutally Come True

The other day I mentioned that God has blessed us with a pretty awesome blessing in the last couple of months.  What I did not mention was what that blessing was.  For the past ten years my husband has wanted to purchase his first home.  I did not feel the time was right to buy at all during those ten years.  We did look at some homes a couple of times during those ten years but the Holy Spirit was telling me no.  I can tell you that the hubby and I had some very intense conversations about buying and not buying a house.  I have always wanted to purchase our first home but I felt God was telling me no and also we have not been somewhere long enough to buy.  The longest duty station we have been at is three years, the rest has been a little over two years.  PCSing (permanent change of station, or moving) can be stressful as it is and I did not want to throw selling a house in the mix.  That was until we moved here.

When we moved here to Wisconsin from Alaska we had no intentions of buying a home.  Hubby had mentioned a few times in Alaska that he was thinking of retiring, but we were not sure when that time was.  After a couple of months of being here, the hubs reeealllly started talking about retiring.  During those couple of months God had been working on me. 

One Sunday after church the hubby said "lets go drive around the area and see the different neighborhoods."  I agreed and while we were driving we saw a house for sale.  He mentioned how nice it would be to purchase our first home.  I agreed.  I could not believe what I just said. On top of that I felt at peace with it.  Something I have never felt when we spoke of purchasing a home. 

I could not believe what was happening.

Could I really be ready to purchase our first home?

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