16 November 2010

30 Day Give Update

30-Day Giving Challenge
In the beginning of the month I told you all that I was going to participate in the 30 Day Give and I would update you throughout the month.  I cannot believe that we are at the two week mark and I have not shared anything with you; time is flying! 

I have done a Give each and every day this month and there were a couple of days where I had to think about what I had done.  I then realized that just because I have not gave money or left my house I have given to others.  I have tried to give words of encouragement, I have tried to be there for others when they needed to talk, and I have lifted others up in prayer.  Then there are days where I have donated items, watched a friend's child, and even woke up early to start the hubby's car (it was in the single digits!).

The best part about the 30 Day Give is when I walk into the kitchen and my six year old son is sweeping the floor and he looks up to and says "Mom I am doing my good deed for the day."  Tears in my eyes, I give my son a huge hug and tell him thank you.  I then close my eyes and thank God for my son.

Another great part of the 30 Day Give is watching my almost ten year old daughter tend to her little brother while he was not feeling well one day.  She had brought him a blanket, pillow, books, DVDs and some of his toys.  She then sat there, read him some books, kept him company, and would refill his cup of water when it was low.  I close my eyes and thank God for my daughter.

My heart is happy.

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  1. How amazing!!!! I love that the kids are also doing it because they have been watching you. It brought tears to my eyes too! God has blessed you with a wonderful family!



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