09 August 2010

Week 6 Check-in

Well, it is time for my weekly check-in of my reading of the Bible in 90 Days.  I have done pretty well with staying on track of my reading.  There have been days where I will be a half a day behind but by morning I am all caught up.  Since arriving back from our emergency leave my days seem to be off track but I am praying that God will help me remember what day it is and what needs to be done. 

At this moment I had finished reading the book of Esther last night and will be starting Job this morning.  When I was reading the book of Nehemiah and the book of Esther two things had jumped out at me.  In the Book of Nehemiah I realized that he was speaking in first person.  Up until then everything was written in third person but with Nehemiah it was nice to read from his perspective.  In the Book of Esther I saw that God was not even mentioned.  The book did cover the destruction of the Jews that Haman wanted to create but His name was never mentioned (from what I saw).

For the next week I will be reading Job, and about a fourth of the Book of Psalms.

For more of the Bible in 90 Days jump on over to Mom's Toolbox.

1 comment:

  1. Esther, Job, and the Psalms are some of my favorite parts of the bible. I'm really looking forward to getting into them!



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