07 August 2010

"Two Shall Become One"

On this day 11 years ago the hubby and I said "I Do".  The saying is true "I love him more today than the day we got married."  Our first wedding anniversary we spent half a world away.  Our fourth wedding anniversary we celebrated a week late because I had just arrived home from deployment.  Our fifth year we spent together in London, England.  Last year on our 10th wedding anniversary we spent in Washington DC.  This year we will be having dinner and a movie here in Fairbanks, Alaska; next year we will be spending our anniversary half a world away.  So this year is extremely special to me probably more special than any other year. 

I love my hubby and it is an honor to be his wife!

 Not only is it my 11th wedding anniversary it is also the celebration of me being an "Army Wife" of 11 years. I love being an Army Wife; there is no greater honor than supporting my hubby while he fights for our Freedom. 

 Here we are in Washington DC celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

Here we are in Williamsburg, VA

I am so blessed and I am excited about the many years ahead that the hubby and I will celebrate.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Chasteen!

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