02 August 2010

Menu Plan for Aug 2nd-6th

Okay it has been long enough; I need to start using my menus.  After coming back from our emergency leave I have decided that things are starting to change.  Our schedule will start getting busy with school starting soon and both the kids will be starting fall sports and the hubby has training coming up.  So in order for me to be organized in the food department, menus are in order.

Monday~ waffles
                grilled cheese with strawberries

Tuesday~ bagels or french toast sticks
                free meal at an event being held by our housing offices

Wednesday~ cereal
                     sandwiches with yogurt
                     baked ziti with salad

Thursday~  muffins
                  chicken tetrazzini

Friday~ snickerdoodle cake
             homemade chicken nuggets with oranges
             steaks on the grill with mac and cheese and strawberries

What are you eating this week? Any new recipes you are trying?

For more menu ideas jump on over to The Org Junkie.

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