02 July 2010

99 Cent Day

If you ask my kids what Monday is their response will be 99 cent day at Value Village, and I would have to agree with them.  If you are not familiar with Value Village it is a thrift store chain.  Usually on Thursday or Friday they offer 50 percent off and on Monday they have 99 cents on certain color tags.  For instance this past Monday all blue tags were 99 cents.  So my two little frugal blessings of mine walk up and down the clothing aisle looking for that specific color tag.  If they happen to find that color tag they will say "mom here is a tag!" It does not matter what it looks like, how many stains it has, or if there is a hole in it, my blessings will find that tag. 

I have lived here almost nine months and did not know about 99 cent days until a friend of mine told me about it and now I go each Monday.  I do not go just to go; I am in need of shoes for my daughter and both the blessings need jeans and I am in need of shirts.  Since I have started going I have spent about $15 and have acquired a lot of clothing not just for the blessings but for myself.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the items but of course I forgot, but just imagine about three plastic grocery store bags, full.  I am really excited about two shirts I found my son for next year.  One is a light yellow and the other a light red both polo shirts from Lands End for 99 cents!  What a deal that was! 

If you shop at thrift stores make sure to ask if they have any bag sales or any other promotions they offer. 

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  1. I wish there were a Value Village here! Congrats on getting great deals!

  2. We have a store similar to that, but they have $1.00 days. I have found some really great things on those dollar racks. I love to thrift shop.



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