06 May 2010

The Sound of a Child's Voice

Tonight as I was laying in bed reading; my phone chimed alerting me that I had a new Facebook message.  I ignored the alert and continued reading for about another 20 minutes.  After reading, I went into my daughters' room to advise her of her time and then went on to my son's room, turned out his light and gave him one last kiss for the night.  As I was heading back to my bedroom, I again reminded my daughter to finish up her chapter and turn out her light.  Of course, being in the stage she is in I received the eye rolling, head shaking yes.  However, being the stage I am in, that doesn't fly with me.  I then said "yes ma'am", and she replied very silently "yes ma'am".  Eventually, I won with her saying "yes ma'am" loud enough to hear me, and with a smile on her face.  (Actually no smile but I would like to believe there was one).

As I was getting into bed and about to turn off my lamp, I remembered the message on Facebook.  As the app on my phone was opening it came to the news feed (which is where it shows your friends' status, for all you non-facebookers out there).  I thought "eh, why not scroll down and see what people are saying".  While scrolling down I came to one that really pulled on my heartstrings, and one that I have allowed the tears to fall for.  There is this person that I graduated high school with who is also married to a fellow classmate, whom now has two children.  Well, their first child had some serious health conditions at birth and is still at battle with it today.  I am not sure of the exact diagnosis, and only really know what is going on through Facebook.  However, my prayers do go out to him and his family.  Please keep this family in your prayers.

Well, while scrolling down I notice his status comment tonight, and it mentioned how all he wants is to have a conversation with his son.  That broke my heart.  My heart went out to my high school friend and his family.  I could not imagine what he is going through.  All this man wants is to have a conversation with his son, and I am here arguing with my daughter to say "yes ma'am".  All the while I should be going into her room and having a mother/daughter conversation and enjoying the sound of her beautiful voice. 

The tween attitude has seemed to make way into our home, and I am starting to wonder if it is ever going to leave.  I will admit a lot more arguing, yelling, crying, and drama acts have been going on in our household. Everyday I pray that God will give me the wisdom, and the guidance I need to help with my daughter.  I want my daughter to know that she is loved, and that I am always here for her.  I never want my daughter to feel unloved, unappreciated, or unwanted.  I try very hard to stand by our rules, but I also try to let her have a little bit of independence.  I do not want to smother her; I want her to learn on her own but wanting her to know I am right there with her.  Trust me we have some good days and not so good days.  After reading this status comment it made me realize how blessed I am. 

How blessed am I to hear my children call me "mom" or "I love you" or "do I have to clean up right now" or "five more minutes please" or "she/he started it"?  I pray each day that my nine year old daughter and I have a day of not arguing. All the while this man just longs to have a conversation with his son.  Puts life into perspective, doesn't it????

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  1. For sure, the preciousness of our children just comes rushing over me too from time to time. Our oldest is 18 now, and I wanted to share that even though there were some very hard times (mostly better now) the best thing we did as parents was continually make sure he knew he was loved. We'd even tell him outright, we were mad at him or we didn't like the choices he was making but we love him very much and also think very highly of him in his abilities. Happy to say it worked. About three super rough years, but he always knew he was loved, that we had confidence in him, and maintained a relationship. What a blessing each time he walks out the door now, yelling out "bye mom, love you." kerrydi@pacbell.net



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