28 April 2010

The Red, White and Blue

My family and I were invited to a Change of Command ceremony and I thought it would be great for my children to witness this wonderful event, and also to show support to our friends.  For my non-military readers; a Change of Command ceremony is where an officer of a company; a Commander is leaving and a new Commander is entering.  Basically a "new boss" is taking over the company.  It was a wonderful event to watch a friend of ours take over this company, and we are truly excited for him and his family. 

At the beginning of the ceremony the first thing that is done is the singing of the National Anthem.  I cannot explain the feeling I get when hearing those words, seeing our flag, and seeing our military men and women in uniform.  I am honored to have served my country and I am even more honored to be a military wife.  When looking at the American Flag I do not just see red, white and blue; I see Freedom, Honor, Courage, and Sacrifice.  Our flag stands tall because of these men and women who have stepped forward to protect the flag and this blessed country.
I love hearing my five year old son say "I am going to grow up and be a Soldier like daddy."  Oh, how he loves his daddy but I love that my son wants to grow up to not just be like his daddy but wants to wear the same uniform as his daddy. 

Oh, how I love the Red, White and Blue!

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